a case study in why the gaming press is shit

the following is a list of low-effort responses to the typical low-effort garbage that "news outlets" like kotaku and polygon like to spin. "play stupid games, win stupid prizes", as they say.
they are presented without links to the source because generally, if the site appears in this list, it means i refuse to be responsible for giving them additional traffic. they are presented without edits. if in doubt, google it.

source commentary

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kotaku - "ronda rousey being in mortal kombat 11 is bullshit"
article does not talk about mk11 at all and the hack author of this garbage hit-piece openly stated in the comments they don't actually care about the game, they're just making a political statement. it's shit like this, kotaku. quit fucking wasting my time. 5/4/2019
venturebeat - "video game industry struggles with attempt to pull it into new zealand shooting"

"That tweet itself had hundreds of thousands of “likes” on it, but it ignited a fierce debate between those who felt PewDiePie was a victim and those who thought he deserved to be called out for being so appealing to white supremacist audience members in the past"

"water is appealing to white supremacists, we should ban water"

the daily dot - "8chan is at the center of the christchurch mosque shootings - and its roots are in gamergate"
how much of a fucking stupid chud crybaby do you honestly have to be to use the corpses of a mass shooting as a soapbox to push your morally bankrupt identitarian ideology on the videogame industry 3/16/2019
wikipedia - "gamergate controversy"

"The Gamergate controversy stemmed from a harassment campaign conducted primarily through the use of the hashtag #GamerGate. The controversy centered on issues of sexism and progressivism in video game culture."

citation needed


kotaku - "the new queer tropes in video games series is tired, but sadly, still relevant"

"a broad look at games that encourage players to be complicit with homophobia, either via gameplay choices or general queer antagonistic humor—the sorts of things, essentially, that seem harmless but have a real impact on our lives."

bullshit, they're videogames. grow the fuck up natalie

polygon - "feminist freqeuency returns with queer tropes, a gaming miniseries"

"The ongoing harassment of host Anita Sarkeesian eventually dovetailed with the virulent, hate-mongering, prejudiced Gamergate campaign"

this one line should inform any reader that the miniseries is about identitarian political bullshit and the author is a fraudulent hack

polygon - "thq nordic hosts ama on forum known for child porn and hate campaigns"

"The announcement immediately prompted backlash from Twitter users and games industry members aware of 8chan’s history of hosting child pornography, racism, and other explicit posts."

by the apparent logic here, anyone who has ever used amazon endorses nazism because neo-nazis also use amazon