Strife: The Legend of Hank Static

you are Hank Static, a time-travelling supersoldier shrouded in mystery and intrigue. over the course of history, legends are told of your daring heroism, of how you cast bolts as if of ancient gods of religions long forgotten, of your mysterious magic armor that no spear nor arrow nor sword may pierce, of the steely look in your eyes as you stare down upon your fallen enemies only just before whispering unto them... "well, it's just been revoked." through thousands of years of human history you have hunted the Vanguard, an evil race of cosmic biomechanoid jew zombies that have seen fit to enslave all of humanity. through the years you have decimated their castles, brought their monstrous beasts from another realm to their knees, and repeatedly you have killed their leaders, burned their people alive, and made yourself a name as the brazen demon of humanity, defender of free will, the king of kosmo kops.

but now, the Vanguard know your secret. your family has descended an intelligent weapon through over three millenia that only those closest to the Static bloodline have known: the sigil. only one of direct descent may wield the sigil, and now that the order has uncovered this ancient secret, they have time-jumped to the dawn of your family's discovery of the sigil... and they plan to find every last Static and kill them, ending your bloodline and wiping your existence from the pages of history. you must stop the Vanguard at any cost, and eradicate the last of the evil jew scum from the universe. it won't be easy -- they'll be throwing everything they have at you. but it's up to you, Hank Static, to follow the Vanguard into a civilization lost thousands of years ago and discover this family secret for yourself. you must become...



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Town: Yesteryam common area Town: Welcome to Yesteryam
Town: Hedges Town: Docks


watch this space for music releases from this mod by me!


none yet... :(