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(v0.25-dev) (3.82 MB)
source code (560 KB)

is my attempt to reverse engineer and modernize the game Shadowcaster released by Raven Software in 1993. it is open-source and built with Game Maker Studio v1.4.1482.
you will need a copy of the original game data (RAVDATA.DAT, SHADOW.LIB, and SHADOW2.LIB). Windowcaster will not run without this original game data.

as the development of this project continues, my aim is to provide a feature complete and vanilla-compatible way for players who never got to experience this game to play on modern OSes,
much like how Chocolate Doom provides this for Doom. in addition, i wish to provide a wide berth for mod authors to change as much of the game as possible, while also allowing the creation
of mods that are compatible with the original DOS executable.

the current version of the project contains a full hardware renderer, with a software renderer planned in the future. all of the levels in the game are viewable and much of the game is already moddable,

with support for more features planned as more of the vanilla features are reverse engineered and added to Windowcaster.

check the readme.txt included with Windowcaster.exe for detailed information on how to use it.

directory of interest

filename description for size

TGopoly (v1.5 Beta).bin

rom hack for Monopoly Genesis/MD

512 KB

DragonHack.zip hacked save file for Shadowcaster to unlock Ssair form on level 1 Shadowcaster 21 KB
uutex.zip partial Ultima Underworld texture set for Doom Doom

198 KB

685pal.zip an attempt to produce a full-spectrum palette for Doom (includes iwad remaps) Doom 3.19 MB

Heretic: Shadow of Drangleic (v1.3) - 5 maps

Heretic 1.01 MB
asshole_heretic.zip don't ask Heretic 16 KB

a very old version of a furry-themed mod, for posterity

ZDoom 7.85 MB
oni.zip Deliverance: ONI Facility - 1 map ZDoom

5.61 MB

montanad.zip Montana: Deluxe Edition for Strife ZDoom 1.62 MB
btsx_dh3_midi.zip two songs i wrote for Back to Saturn X: Episode 1 midi 7 KB
CamouflageOverhaul-v0-4.zip Camouflage Overhaul v0.4 - rebalances combat fatigues (untested) MGSV:TPP 36 KB
DONames.zip replaces all random and unique staff names MGSV:TPP 12 KB
WinterWonderland 0-11.zip unfinished mod to turn Afghanistan into a snowy wasteland MGSV:TPP 65.78 MB
RD_Heaven_v4.zip last version of R&D Heaven (makes online items buildable/usable offline) MGSV:TPP 14 KB
MSF_Kamysh.zip replaces MSF soldier fatigues with blue urban kamysh pattern MGSV:GZ 9.74 MB
assholecastles.zip an aoe2hd replay where i defeat other civs by building castles on their land AOE2 HD 3.35 MB